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Early Brain Development in My Little Genius!

Early childhood is a time when infants undergo many changes on different levels, such as physical, cognitive, social and emotional. This is the high time for Physical as well as Brain Development in Children. They enter into the world with a limited set of knowledge and with the help of surrounding and Early Childhood Education; they develop different sets of skills and abilities that open the way to a whole new world of learning. This topic has been the matter of research for many years and different conclusions have been drawn so far. This has led to the development of many theories related to growth, development, learning and change in infants, babies, toddlers and kids.

Let us emphasise on the basics of early childhood development which ensures the physical as well as psychological development of children.

From the time the baby arrives in this world, parents wait for him/her to reach important milestones such as rolling, crawling, walking, running and more. These different milestones are deeply related with both the aspects such as physical as well as psychological level of development and it differs in different babies. Different babies learn at different pace, for example some babies learn to crawl earlier than their peers of the same age. The development of each child is different.

Motor Skills Development!

Ability to learn and understand things is related to development of the nervous system. The maturity of nervous system defines the capability to perform simple as well as complex actions. However, the emergence of motor skills differs and it frets parents and caregivers. However, research have proven that Children Brain Development occurs in almost every child unless some types of disabilities have been found.

Physical Development!

The development of muscles is an important part of the growth of babies. It is said that in the Early Childhood Development large muscles such as legs and arms (gross motor skills) tend to develop faster than small muscles such as fingers and hands (fine motor skills). It becomes evident when babies learn to crawl and walk before they learn holding things with their fingers. Another fact to remember is that the development goes from head to toe which is why they hold their head up before they crawl.

Cognitive Development!

Cognitive development such as abilities related to memory, learning, reasoning and thinking occurs throughout the Early Child Development. Based on his/her own perception and type of motor activities, an infant tries to do things accordingly. Between the age of two and six, a child does not understand logic yet he tries to learn different languages. Between the age of seven and eleven, children begin developing logical thinking, abstracts and concepts. The development goes on.


What is My Little GeniusTM?

My Little Genius is a Bilingual Multi-Dimensional, thematic based whole Child Brain Development programme for children aged 6 months to 5 years old which develops children’s skill sets and increases their knowledge base. Professionals look after the growth and development of every child and pays attention to enhance them in the best way.

A Multi-Dimensional Brain Stimulation Approach is used to develop both the left and right hemispheres of a child’s brain. There are many factors which ensure the development of both in the right manner. The use of a dual language environment enhances language stimulation and stimulation of various sensory systems of the brain.

Our Vision

To build a balanced society by developing a new generation of children who know how to maximize the use of the whole brain.

Hours of Operation

Our regular operating hours are from Wednesdays to Sundays between 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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